SANUSLIFE sells exclusive products which do not yet exist in this form at a worldwide level. With our software for international trading based, among other things, on a cryptocurrency and therefore not limited by geographical barriers, SANUSLIFE products will soon reach the furthest corners of the world. Are you a large trading company? Contact us and become a TRADING Partner! Below we will briefly explain the procedure to follow.

Protected purchase

As a TRADING Partner you will enjoy access to a special online Partner Shop. There you can place a minimum order at special conditions and order goods on an ongoing basis. This is a protected shopping area reserved exclusively for TRADING Partners.

Sales by networkers

SANUSLIFE's networkers (Members) recommend products to their customers (FREE Users). The products can only be ordered within the home territory and only via SANUSSTORE. This system has the advantage that all transactions take place exclusively online and are therefore perfectly traceable. As a TRADING Partner, thanks to the Dashboard, you always have a complete overview not only of incoming orders, but also of payments, delivery of goods and invoicing.

Differentiated sales

While FREE Users receive products at list price, PREMIUM Members can purchase items with a 5% to 30% discount, depending on their discount position. For each successful referral, Sales Partners receive a commission. This incentive motivates them immensely and at the same time guarantees that you, as a TRADING Partner, do not have to deal personally with sales.

Payment of commissions

SANUSLIFE Administration GmbH, an external commercial company, is responsible for the payment of commissions. This company monitors your incoming and outgoing payments and distributes commissions proportionally to the persons entitled.

Here is the procedure to follow!

    1. A TRADING Partner purchases the specified minimum quantity of products from SANUSLIFE at bulk purchase prices.
    2. A buyer (User/Member) places an order within the TRADING Partner’s territory.
    3. The buyer pays, the invoice is created and made available for download in the buyer's profile (the amount paid is entered in SACs in a so-called "Cashing Wallet", the SACs can immediately be exchanged for a stablecoin and thus secured). The goods are then shipped to the buyer by the TRADING Partner.
    4. SANUSLIFE Administration AG pays the amount due to the TRADING Partner in stablecoins and the commissions due to Members in SACs.

Your advantages:

  • E-commerce logistics based on referral marketing
  • Fully automated merchandise management and accounting process
  • No pressure to sell, since sales are externally controlled by SLI
  • Limited costs, minimal risk
  • The only activities required of a Partner are: importing goods, shipping orders and handling the support service
  • Increase in visibility